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7 Best Substitute For Burrata Cheese You Must Try

7 Best Substitute For Burrata Cheese You Must Try

Finding a substitute for burrata cheese might not be as tricky as you might think. Because it’s a bold and simple cheese, there are actually several substitutes out there!

What is burrata cheese?

Burrata is a simple Italian cheese that’s typically made from cow’s milk, though buffalo milk can sometimes be used instead.

It’s quite unique, thanks to its texture. The exterior is solid cheese, and the inside is soft and creamy. The cheese itself comes from Apulia in Italy, at least at first. In the modern day, it is made all over the world.

Interestingly, this cheese is quite modern – first made in the 1950s. This is different from other cheeses, which can have their origins centuries ago. This is especially noteworthy when you consider that the first cheese was probably similar to burrata – a thin, cheesy liquid – and would have been made many centuries ago.

7 best substitute for burrata cheese

Let’s cut to the chase! Here are the 7 best substitute for burrata cheese

1. Cream Cheese

cream cheese

There are a hundred and one versions of cream cheese, but I would recommend plain cream cheese as the best substitute for burrata. It’s smooth and spreadable, making it an ideal dip, or an ideal substitute for burrata on sandwiches or tarts.

2. Mozzarella Cheese

substitutes for burrata cheese

In terms of flavor, mozzarella is perhaps the best choice that you’ve got – it’s wonderfully easy to find, affordable, and replicates the flavor very well. It can be a little less milky than burrata is, but it will be quite similar, overall.

Mozzarella works well for both cooked and cool dishes, so it can replace burrata in either of those options.

3. Feta Cheese

Feta is a great choice since it’s typically so easy to find in supermarkets. It has a similarly tangy tasty to burrata, though it’s typically quite a lot saltier. Therefore, when cooking or making a side dish with feta, you may want to use a little less salt to replicate the burrata flavors.

Feta cheese is soft in texture, though it’s also quite crumbly, while burrata is not. This means that feta replicates the flavor very well, without replicating the exact, dippable, texture.

4. Cashew Cheese

similar to burrata cheese

Cashew cheese regularly shows up on lists as a vegan alternative to most dairy cheese, and it does make for a great alternative! It has a wonderfully soft texture and a tangy flavor, meaning that it can be great when sliced on spread onto sandwiches. It cannot be used as a dip, of course, but it’s exceptionally close on other fronts.

5. Queso Fresco

queso fresco

Queso fresco can be a little tricky to track down in different grocery stores, but it’s worth a go as a substitute for burrata cheese. It’s made from cow’s milk, like burrata, and the taste is pleasantly smooth and delicate. It can be used on its own, or as part of a cooked dish.

6. Ricotta Cheese

can i substitute burrata for ricotta

Ricotta cheese replicates the texture of the inside of burrata quite well, but the flavor isn’t quite as authentic. The flavor is a bit more mild and milky than genuine burrata, which makes it quite well suited to cooked dishes, where it is part of a larger combination of flavors.

7. Almond Cheese

almond cheese

Almond cheese is my second vegan suggestion, mostly because it’s quite tricky to find. It has a nutty flavor but is less sweet than cashew cheese. It largely works as a burrata substitute in cooked food, rather than a basic side dish, and may need a little seasoning to get it up to scratch as a burrata substitute.

What is burrata used for?

Burrata can be used for a whole host of things, but it’s most commonly used in a side dish. The shell is usually broken with a knife, and the soft, creamy inside is sprinkled with seasonings. Then, it’s used as a dip. That’s why a few of my substitutes for burrata cheese are as soft as they are – burrata is quite commonly used as a dip, on the side of a larger meal.

Burrata, interestingly, is most commonly served at room temperature to ensure that the inner portion is smooth and creamy. If it’s cooler, it won’t have that texture. This is in stark contrast to most cheeses, which are served as cold as possible.

How is burrata made?

Burrata is, essentially, two kinds of cheese in one. The outermost layer is essentially a form of mozzarella, which is made and then heated and stretched repeatedly until it’s strong enough to be stuffed.

This happens during the manufacturing of mozzarella – the cheese is heated and stretched repeatedly, before being cooled and packaged. When making burrata, that process simply carries on for longer – the cheese is made very strong, in this way.

A small portion is typically stuffed with a mixture of soft cheese and cream – that’s what makes up the inner, liquid portion of burrata. Since the outer layer is strong and stretchy, it swells a little, taking holding the liquid mixture within itself.


What is the difference between burrata and mozzarella?

Burrata is, essentially, a ball of stretchy mozzarella cheese that has been filled with a cream and cheese mixture. Mozzarella is solid all the way through, with no textural or flavor variation.

Is burrata the same as mascarpone?

No, burrata and mascarpone are different. Burrata is a solid cheese wrapped around a creamy, liquid-like cheese mixture. Mascarpone is a thick liquid cheese, with a paste-like consistency. Mascarpone is commonly used for sweet dishes, while burrata is almost never used for that.

What does burrata cheese taste like?

Burrata cheese tastes excellent – it has a rich, creamy, and tangy flavor that’s quite hard to describe. Many people say that there are no other cheeses like it! I would certainly agree with that assessment.

The burrata overall is very rich indeed, so rich that it has an almost sweet flavor that tapers off over time. The tanginess of the cheese is present, but it’s not at the forefront. This aspect could be compared to the flavor of ricotta – creamy, with just a little tang.

substitute for burrata cheese

The 7 Best Substitute For Burrata Cheese

Finding a substitute for burrata cheese might not be as tricky as you might think. Because it’s a bold and simple cheese, there are actually several substitutes out there!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins


  • Cream cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Cashew cheese
  • Queso Fresco
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Almond cheese


  • Choose one of the substitues above and get cooking!
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Wrapping Up!

Burrata is a wonderfully rich and tasty cheese – if you haven’t tried it already, you really should! If you love it as much as I do, but can’t get a hold on some, then the options on my list will be great substitutes for burrata cheese.

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